Saturday, July 28, 2007

Halle with her first Sparkler! Dad had to help her with this one!

Jackson with a sparkler at Zeens!

The night of the 24th we went to Brett and Sarahs for a fireworks show put on by Brett. The kids sat out in the front yard eating pop corn. It was really fun. Hopefully they have many more memories with their cousins!

Halle found someones goggles at the pool and thought she was pretty cute in them! We thought so too...

We also went swimming at Uncle Jay's house for the 24th. Jackson has become a real fish. He loves the water and we can hardly keep him out of it! He attempted the diving board at Uncle Jay's and he loved it! By the end of the night he was just flying off that thing!

After the parade we headed up the mountain to Mueller parks fireworks! We love their fireworks because they have lots of the big boomers. This year we sat expecially close so you could really feel it! Halle isn't sure she likes fireworks yet. She was laying down on dads shoulder and kept pulling his hand down over her eyes so she wouldn't have to see made us laugh. Jackson sat with Aunt Cindy this year. He is such a social bug we have to keep tabs on him because before you know it he is off seeing someone new! This is a picture of Halle and Clint walking into fireworks.

Here is Kenzie and the kids! Kenzie is great with the kids at these parades...she always helps the kids get more candy!

24th of July

We started our celebration of the 24th with the usual tradition of the Bountiful Parade. We gathered with family from the Francis side of the family. We really enjoy this parade. Jackson is in this picture wearing the black and orange hat. He and Hunter are waiting for the next float!