Monday, September 22, 2008

Halle is Nuts!

Halle lately has an obsession for changing her clothes a number of times a day!!! On Sunday morning following the zoo....I hear her door open and then closer. Usually she does this but goes to turn on the Cartoons....After a minute I didn't hear the cartoons. I decided to go and check on her to see if she got back in bed. Instead I see her changing into this swimsuit! LOL!! I laughed so hard!! She is nuts! I am such a good mom I didn't even wash her face before she went to bed the night before!


This year Clint's company party was once again at the zoo! The kids favorite part was getting their faces painted. I thought they looked so cute!

We have a Dinosaur!!

Jackson's preschool teacher sent home an egg last week. They were learning about Ovals. As Jackson returned home....he told me that he had gotten a real life dinosaur egg and that it was going to hatch any time and he would get a dinosaur egg. It totally cracked me the dinosaur fairy did actually come one night...and left us this baby dinosaur!

Soccer Time!!

The last fre weeks we have joined the soccer world along with it seems like all of our neighbors. However not one of our neighbors is on the same team! Jackson does pretty good. He enjoys it for the most part. Here is a picture toward the end of the game. You can see he has lost interest.

Here is a picture of how well his soccer shorts fit! Luckliy he has not lost them on the field!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We have a future weather man on our hands! Jackson takes after his dad...he just loves the weather. We talk about almost everyday. Almost every time he sees a dark cloud headed our way, He says. "It looks like it might rain, I think I will need my umbrella." This weekend he was so excited to have all the rain. He would put on his shoes and get his umbrella and head outside for a bit. He would come in long enough to get warm...and then head out again! He cracks me up!!