Friday, October 17, 2008

Chores Galore!

We have decided it is time to give the kids a little responsibilty! Also Jackson has been asking to make his own money....that conversation went something like this. "Mom, I need to make my own money so I can buy my own!" LOL! So we put this little plan into action. They have begun their own chores. They are doing pretty well. Part of Jackson's jobs are to make his bed and set the table. I think they have done pretty well...what do you think!?

Our Little Insomniac!

Halle....has a sleeping problem. She for some reason thinks you can sleep with your eyes open! She hates to go to sleep! And claims almost every night before going to bed that..."but.I can't sweeeeeep, mom" Well sometimes after one of these nights Clint and I will come up to stairs at about 10:30 to go to bed and we will find Halle reading. She is so quiet we never here her. Here in this picture she has made herself comfortable reading Toys R Us Magazine...gotta love her!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Everyone was right!

I wish I had some cute picture to post up here!! But we are heading to the cabin so I thought I would post this so that everyone would know! We are having another girl!!! Halle of course is so excited!! Jackson was a little teery eyed at first but her got over it really quick. I think he likes the idea of having to help Daddy take care of all of us:) It took us a bit to get he to un cross her legs.... just my luck since I planned this perfectly. Yesterday was my we went to dinner that night at Javiers in Ogden! Yummo! Then we went to the Dr office as a family to see what we were having. It was a fun day. I need some good girl name ideas though! I like Autumn so any ideas???