Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am a terrible blogger! I take pictures and then leave them on my camera forever before I blog them! We have had a really fun filled October. If you scroll down for a while you will see what we have be up too! These pictures are from Halloween day!

The cutest Skeleton (I mean scariest!) and Tinkerbelle!!

All of us ready for Trick or Treating. I am a pregnant was a fun costume!

Taking pictures at Grams house. I love this picture because Halle is waiting for all the other girls to get ready so she leans on the couch! LOL!

Jackson's preschool class came to sing me a halloween song. It was so cute. They made these cute pumpkin faces. I was so impressed at how well they did!

Carving Pumkins

You can tell by the look on Halle's face here that she is loving touching the pumpkin guts!! Jackson doesn't mind at all!! Cutting the scary faces!

Music Class Party!

The kids take a music class at Harmony Road Music school. They love it! This particular day they got to dress in their costumes! Here they are with their classmates around the piano.

Grandma Cheryle's

My mom and her friend Cheryle are so cute! They love to plan things with their grandkids together. This day they took all of the kids to a new McDonald's and then we went back to Cheryle's house and picked these fun pumpkins and tatooed faces on them. The kids had a great time!

Izzie Pooped on Me!!

Funny Story! One night I gave the kids some icecream. Halle wanted chocolate syrup on hers. Sometime during the eating process...she must have dripped a bunch down her shirt. After they were done I asked them to go get in their jammies. All of the sudden Halle comes running out of her room screaming! "Izzie pooped on me!!" I was like what how did that happen..... when I saw her I just busted up laughing! That darn chocolate looks like poop to a 2 year old! But it tastes better!